2019-2020 Goals Pin

2019/2020 Goals

I know New Year is the time for setting goals and whatnot, but I never follow those silly rules.

I figured with the new house and the starting of this blog I should probably make a new list of goals to keep track of things. And you get the benefit of being able to come along to witness the progress. Sounds like a Win/Win to me? Keep in mind this is not a concrete, set in stone list. There is a high possibility of things being added or removed throughout the year(s). I will try my best to keep this list updated.

Either way, here it goes.

Fall & Winter 2019 – Spring 2020 Goals:

Food Making Goals:

*Includes Multiple Varieties


Breakfast Sausage Links

9/30/2019: We made 5 pounds of maple flavored sausage links. Being new to this, we used collagen casings. It wasn’t until we were done did we realize that this type of casing does not work with the traditional twist method of link making. With no bakers string on hand, we left them in their long coils, vacuum sealed and froze them as is. They were good for being the first time we made them. Next time we will add more flavoring, more fat, and remember the string 🙂

Fire Cider*

10/10/2019: My husband brought home a cold to share with the rest of us. I ended up making a quick batch using what I had on hand.  I used apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, honey, crushed garlic cloves, turmeric powder, ginger powder, and a little bit of black pepper (for the turmeric). It wasn’t the best tasting mix (fresh ginger would have been much better). But it was better than nothing. 

Wonton Wrappers
Ranch Dressing

Smoked Cheese* (This one is actually Hubby’s goal, but I’m equally excited to see and taste the results)

8/09/2019: We did an entire 5-pound block of medium cheddar at different smoking lengths. We’re just patiently waiting for a week or so until they have had enough time to age in vacuum-sealed bags in the fridge. We also did a few string cheese sticks. Since they could be eaten right away; we tried one. It was good, but the smoke flavor was a tad strong for such a mild cheese so we decided to allow them to rest in the fridge with the other blocks. 
8/22/2019: We’ve tested out a 2-hour smoked block, by itself and mixed in a batch of mashed potatoes. So far we’ve loved it. 
9/1/2019: Andrew (hubby) smoked a white cheddar 5-pound block. We also tested the string cheese. They are much better after aging.

Garden/Backyard Goals:

Figure out a plan for the Shed

8/25/2019: While the final verdict is still up in the air, we’re strongly leaning towards tearing the entire thing down and starting over from scratch. Good news; is it that at some point there was power out there. Bad news; is it doesn’t work now and we can’t figure out where the main switch or power line is!!

Raised Beds Built

12/26/2019: I went back and forth on what materials to use for the beds. In the end, Andrew (hubby) brought home a truck bed full of pallets from work to use. 

Blueberry Patch planted

All Backyard Terraces Cleaned Up

Fence in Dog Yard

Remove Maple Tree

12/26/2019: We’re talking about removing not just the one maple but now two massive cedar trees. They are in close proximity to the house and have been causing quite a mess with our gutters/roof since fall began. Plus, their branches hover over one side of the house and make me nervous wreck during wind storms.  

Trim all Trees

12/26/2019: We trimmed the four plum trees out front since they were becoming entangled in the power lines.

Gravel Bottom & “Raised Bed” Terraces

Remove All Beauty Bark from Top Terrace

Harvest/Preserve Apples from Apple Tree 

8/10/2019: Upon inspection, we’ve noticed that the tree is not in the best condition and in turn produced bad apples. (It produces a lot of apples, just 75% or more of them were rotten and wormy by the time they were ready for picking.) So the bugs and the birds get this year’s harvest 🙂 

In-House Goals:

 Install Wood Stove

8/25/2019: We’ve decided to hold off on this one until after winter. Risky, we know, but we want to test out how cold the house gets before plunking down hundreds of dollars and putting a hole in our (metal) roof.  

12/26/2019: Well the temp got down in the low to mid 40’s in the house a few weeks back. (It was below freezing outside.) So a heat source (besides our expensive and extremely inefficient furnace) is for sure on next year’s list of purchases. 

Caulk Kitchen Sink

Seal Master Bath Shower

11/25/2019: Because of the less than stellar tiling job they did, it took 3 coats of sealant to get the job done. 

Caulk Guest/Boy’s Bath Shower

Install Accessories in both Baths (TP and Towel Racks, Shower Caddy)

Re-do the Laundry Room

8/25/2019: What started out as little things here and there has turned into an entire project. Since it’s a small and badly laid out room, we’ve decided on buying a new stacking washer & dryer to make a bit more floor space. Then from there, we will see where we want to put a pantry, plus we want to add a door between the kitchen and laundry room, and maybe putting our whole house water filtration system in there! So while we save up the $$, we are doing research and a lot of online “window” shopping. 

Apply a Whole-House Water Filter 

8/12/2019: We decided to put in an under the sink filter in the kitchen so we can at least have O.K. cooking water and are still using the zero water pitcher(link) for drinking water. We will have to do more research on which Whole-House systems are manufactured home-friendly. 

Personal Goals:

Switch from Monthly to Bi-Weekly mortgage payments. This shaves 6 years off our mortgage. At the moment we round our payment up to an even $1,600. (+ $62.86) Which is awesome by itself, but this little switch will up our savings even more. 

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Complete NANOWRIMO 2019

12/1/2019: I did it! I finished a day early, (November 29) at a total word count of 50,019. 

Comment below and tell me some of your yearly goals!

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