Commonly Asked Questions

It’s actually a play on our last name; Pace. It’s a common occurrence in our family to tell one another to pace ourselves…  In case you were wondering,Yes, we are big on sarcasm, puns, and terrible dad jokes around here. 

Welcome!  And this page was a very wise first choice! Bravo!

A couple of other great starting points are:

How it all Started (AKA Operation Buy a House in a Year)

 2019/2020 Goals

Living life one day at a time in this crazy, hectic world. ← I feel like that sums it up. If you’re looking for specifics though, a few topics that will be posted here are Homeschool, Money, Lots of Food related things, and surviving through life’s struggles.

So, If you too are a frequent rider of the struggle bus, love food and maybe homeschool? Then you and I will be BFF’s.

At the moment, I am cranking out a post a week. Depending on what’s going on (and the amount of caffeine I’ve consumed), you may be treated to an extra post here and there. So be on the lookout for those!