How I Organize Our Entire Homeschool Year for Under $1

I’m sure some of you are sitting there thinking “$1? Yeah, right!”

But no, really. Allow me to amaze you. 

All it takes is… 

A Single Subject Spiral Notebook!

Yup, that’s it!  This thin, basic, 70-paged book is all you need.  Well .. that and a pencil. And for those, I suggest my all-time favorite: Ticonderoga #2 HB Pencils (Affiliate)

*Sigh* There’s nothing like the potential of a clean college-ruled page.

I love planning, can you tell?

But First! I must make it an Official Homeschool Planner by adhering my Attendance Page to the back of the front cover. 

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Now it's Ready to Written in!

As you can see, I write out the full date, including the day of the week. Why? Because time can get a little hazy when we’re in the midst of schooling. This way I can flip back, and see that we did indeed do that specific History Activity last Friday (and I’m not losing my mind!).

 For extra organization; I also put the week number in the corner of the page. Then, I can look at the page and say “Oh we’re on week 13, that means we only have X amount of weeks to go!”  Plus, it helps me mentally stay on top of which curriculum will need to be switched out soon if it’s not a year-long program.

School subject written on college rules notebook page

On the first day, I write out the full names of the curriculum. On the remainder of the days, I write them abbreviated, to save on space and hand cramps.

I put a big bullet next to each item to visually keep things organized. Doing this also lets me see if I have too many things planned for each day.

A Quick Tip: At the beginning of the year, only write out a week at a time. Especially if you’re working with all new curriculum that you’re not 100% confident in or the schedule that you’ve created for it.  

 Like this year for example; We’re going to be working with eight new programs, so it’s best to plan a little bit at a time, to see if the pace I’ve set is too slow or too fast for my kids and needs to be adjusted. 

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Once comfortable with my planning decisions, I will then begin to write out my plans two weeks in advance. I don’t ever plan out more than two weeks, because I’ve found that things are bound to change and throw off all my plans. So to save myself the trouble, I just make sure to set aside an hour or so of planning time the weekend before.

Viola! Now you know the secret! 😉

Yes, it takes some time to set up and no, it’s not for everyone. But, it’s $1! And if you mess up? All it takes is a little bit of erasing to fix it. Or if things get really messy, you can just rip the page out and start over!  

Plus it’s super versatile. You can color-code your subjects, add tabs to break up the different semesters or quarters, etc. And if you have multiple kids? You can either add them to the daily list or buy a multi-subject notebook and give them their own section. 

The planner is complete by writing my kid’s name and the school year on the front.

Single Subject Notebook

Now, that I have that heavy burden off my shoulders, I’m going to go relax. You should too!

Before you go. Let me know if you’re going to try this low-cost planning option this year. Or did you choose something else? Tell me in the comments below!

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